Success Stories

September 27, 2010

I lost 25.5 pounds with My Extreme hCG!

I started my first cycle of hCG August 8th 2010 at 152 pounds and I lost 22.5 in 6 weeks! I couldn’t have done it without the support from My Extreme hCG! When I first started looking into this diet I was very discouraged because I am vegetarian and Dr. Simeons states in the protocol that vegetarians have a very hard time loosing weight. I am so happy I found My Extreme hCG online because they have a special Protocol diet just for VEGETARIANS! The 500 calorie diet is strict and doesn’t sound like enough food, but eating meals at the same time of day and remembering to take my drops really helped curve my appetite. I was rarely hungry and I found that a very small amount of food filled me up quickly.

I decided to try My Extreme hCG’s fast track program that comes with the instructions and I am so glad I did! I did 3 cycles of 10-12 days on the drops and 7-9 days off of the drops and had huge success! I found that 21 days on the very strict diet left too much opportunity for me to cheat, and found that 10-12 days was really easy to get through without cheating. The first 4-5 days of each cycle I lost an average of 5-7 pounds. The Fast Track program helped my body to not build up immunity to the hCG. I was really scared to eat normal food after the end of each cycle, BUT I discovered that no matter what I ate in moderation I never gained any weight between cycles. I was really concerned that I was just loosing water weight and that I could possible start gaining weight back and with other diets that is the case, BUT that is not the case with hCG! Not only does hCG take 1,500 to 4,000 calories of your stored fat and release it into your bloodstream to be metabolized as food, it takes the actual now empty fat cells with it! Fat cells have memory so that is why you don’t gain the weight back! I have changed my eating habits and incorporated a new workout into my lifestyle so that I can maintain my weight loss. This really is the best diet ever!!!

Adrianne, Puyallup, WA



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