The fact of the matter is….

The hCG diet as it is called works by combining a very low calorie diet (VLCD) with the hCG treatment, whilst it is true that you can lose weight on a VLCD alone – it is not safe to do so. Speaking from experience myself, I have done a VLCD many years ago when I was around 19 years of age – I managed to lose a lot of weight, but my muscle completely atrophied (this means, it became non-existant) and I have joint problems to this day from this weight loss. Had I known about the hCG protocol back then, I would have done it earlier and not had to rebuild from the ground up.

The benefit of the hCG treatment is that it prevents muscle from atrophying, it will stop cramps and pains and has no real side effects at all. hCG also acts as an appetite suppressant, it stops you from craving sweets, starch and junk food. I now work out regularly and have used the hCG diet treatment to strip down fat and get my body fat to spectacular levels whereby my abdominal muscles are greatly defined, without hCG I would lose more muscle than fat – what a waste of all that hard work that would be.

There have been numerous studies done to assess the validity of hCG claims, some are FDA sponsored which skew the accuracy of the results. The FDA acts in the best interest of pharmaceutical companies, until these companies are actively in the hCG market and charging you extraordinary markup for the product, they aren’t going to recommend it. Unfortunately there is too much money to be made on other weight loss treatments, surgery and the likes.



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