Fight the Thanksgiving Day Bulge

Every Year families and friends gather around the table to celebrate and give thanks for the bounty of the year. They also tend to consume 3,000 to 4,500 calories per person. Should giving thanks be about gluttony? Many people are interested in lower-fat, lower-calorie options for Thanksgiving meals that don’t take away from the traditions  of the holiday. It’s possible to cook and serve foods that are healthier and offer the spirit of Thanksgiving. Let’s examine traditional fare and some alternatives that are healthier.

Traditional: Turkey and stuffing.

Alternative:Turkey that has been roasted or cooked on a rotisserie so that the excess fat drips off. Turkey itself tends to be lean. Avoid basting the turkey with butter and remove the skin upon serving. Do not stuff the turkey with bread dressing, which tends to be fat-laden. Also, from a food safety standpoint, a raw turkey could infuse salmonella or other bacteria into the stuffing during cooking.


Every day we will update the blog with new tips and pointers for you this holiday season.


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