Want results? Don’t put it off till tomorrow, get it done today.

How many times have you asked someone to do something and they have responded, “Not now, later.” This is an attitude that way to many of us have developed over our lives. I found a funny quote that I like to use to illustrate this point. “I have decided to stop procrastinating! Tomorrow that is.” Why put off till tomorrow what you can start accomplishing today. Have you ever heard a financial expert say that you don’t have to start saving for retirement until you are 60? Have you ever heard a doctor say “Wait till you have a heart attack, until then be as unhealthy as you like.”. A school teacher recommend that you don’t study until the hour before the test. The answer is an emphatic NO! Of course you have never heard these things, just reading them is ridiculous. If someone ever told you that you would think they are crazy.

Why then, when we are given,  advice to act today do we scoff at them as being unrealistic, or too optimistic, or we just say “That is good for them, bu I am OK”. The answer is that we have been so trained to procrastinate that it is a part of us. We always say we can do it tomorrow, but when does that tomorrow actually come?

So I put forth the bold idea that we act today. Stop waiting for the magic bullet to come along, stop wasting time and start acting. It is not going to be easy at first. No one has ever said change is easy. What is said, is that it is worth it. The effort to change, will change you for the better. Don’t wait one more day to lose those unwanted extra pounds. Start acting on it today. Your body is the one thing that you will carry with you your whole life, take care of it.

I promise each and every one of you that is reading this that you will never regret getting up and acting. You will never say I am unhappy that I made a change in my life. I want you to succeed, I want you to feel good about yourself. If you need help because you just don’t know where to start, ask for it. There are those around us that are there to help. If you don’t have someone there, then join a group online or at your local gym. You are taking the first steps by being here reading this right now. Do you feel that tingle of electricity at the base of your neck. That is the feeling of excitement you get when you make change. Make that last, stay excited, stay motivated, keep acting and refuse to give up.

My Extreme HCG can help you reach those goals. With it many have lost 1-2 pounds of weight a day. You can lose 20 pounds in one months time. This is the kick-start that you need to make change so don’t wait, act today and start owning your future!


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