HCG Diet P2 Weight Loss Cooking Tips. Volume One: Chicken

Staying true to the HCG diet on P2 can be challenging due to the limited food choices and minimal caloric intake.  The hcg actually curbs the majority of hunger pangs due to the low calorie diet of 500 calories but many dieters complain that “If I have to eat one more plain grilled chicken breast I’ll……., well, I’ll just SCREAM!  So, I was inspired to share some of my favorites cooking techniques in this series of articles.  Fat free cooking can be delicious!



Chicken Cooking Tips


Arm yourself with some amazing, healthy fresh herbs and dried spices.


Saute the chicken in chicken broth until it starts to brown.  Then add a little water to create a more intensely flavored sauce.


Coat the chicken with Melba toast crumbs and spices and bake until done.


Add the chicken to fat free chicken broth, allowed vegetable, and spices to make flavorful soups.


Marinate your chicken in lemon juice and herbs prior to cooking.


Combine chicken with allowed vegetables and spices, wrap in foil and barbeque


Allow the liquid in the pan to evaporate and turn brown.  Then “deglaze” the pan with a little more water or broth to create a flavorful caramelized sauce.


Add a touch of sweetness by adding a little stevia to sauces and soups.


Enjoy topping or sauteing chicken with garlic and fresh chopped herbs and a squeeze of lemon


I swear folks… this diet doesn’t have to be boring.


By Tammy


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