Easy Weight Loss With HCG Drops

Easy Weight Loss With HCG Drops

Many overweight individuals are searching for a diet that is not only effective, but can also lead to long term lifestyle changes that will assist them in maintaining a healthy weight. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is produced in high levels throughout a woman’s pregnancy. It essentially controls the expectant mother’s metabolic functions to the exclusion of other factors. However, when the hormone is administered to those who are not pregnant, it increases their metabolism in a similar way, resulting in a high number of pounds of stored fat being released, which are either expelled or used by the body for energy.

An Ideal Formula

The HCG diet consists of a very restricted number of calories and is supplemented with HCG hormone injections or drops. The average person utilizing the HCG weight loss plan experiences extremely quick weight loss, sometimes up to 3 pounds each day. In addition to the loss of unwanted fat, one of the greatest benefits of the diet is its ability to assist individuals to change their relationship with eating and food, resulting in long-term weight loss that is easily maintained.

The Benefits of HCG Drops

Ever since the HCG diet was introduced to the market, dieters have had only one choice regarding the delivery method of their daily doses of HCG and this was injections. A dieter could choose to go to a medical office each day for his or her injection, or in certain cases, the dieter could administer the injections at home. However, either avenue was associated with certain unpleasant side effects such as painful injections sites or the risk of infection. In addition, many dieters found that the injections were inconvenient, as well as costly. While the weight loss experienced by most HCG dieters is significant, many individuals are unhappy with the daily injections.

Scientific advancements have provided a solution to those who hate shots or needles and this is offered in the form of sublingual drops. Such drops are placed under the tongue several times a day, which is all one must do in order to get his or her daily does. The mucous membranes under the tongue absorb the hormone into the bloodstream quickly and effectively. As with any diet, there are HCG side effects, as well; however, for numerous individuals, taking their daily hormone dose in the form of HCG drops is one avenue through which negative side effects can be significantly reduced.


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